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If you are like most people, you may be wondering where your career path will take you. From long, productive careers to short bursts of productivity, the fact of the matter is that an education can help just about anyone. In addition to helping people to take their career in a positive new direction, education also builds credibility with employers and helps people to recognize other professionals. On this website, the goal is simple--to help others make a positive change in their personal career paths. Check out these posts for excellent examples of how to improve your own career with education.


Manage Disruptive Change Book: Coping With COVID Complications

28 April 2021
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When it comes to disruption, few things in recent memory have canceled more plans than COVID-19. Managing disruptive changes can be extremely difficult. Here some of the ways a manage disruptive change book can help you constructively deal with setbacks and delays in your life. Cataloging the Change Accepting that your plans have changed, sometimes dramatically, can be the first step in managing disruptive change. Dear Former Self  If COVID-19 forced you to scrap, change, or delay a major life milestone, you're not alone. Read More …

The Advantages Of Retaining An Online SAT Math Tutor For Your Student

22 February 2021
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As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to help your child get into a good university. However, your student's lessons can be more than you can understand or master on your own. You may be of no use in helping your child study for the entrance exams. Instead of leaving your student to struggle with difficult subjects, you can hire someone to teach them outside of the classroom. Read More …

Great Things About Being a Cosmetologist

22 September 2020
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Becoming a cosmetologist comes with a lot of great benefits. So, if you are at a point where you are thinking about finding a new career, consider whether becoming a cosmetologist is something that you would like to do. In order to get a better idea of what this line of work has to offer you, keep reading.  1. Have fun at work In some lines of work, your interaction with customers will be very brief. Read More …

A DNP Opens The Door To Change

26 February 2020
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A doctor of nursing practice, or doctorate of nursing practice, is a versatile degree that allows you to enter either a clinical path or an administrative path -- and if you want to influence the future of nursing as a whole, that administrative path is your ticket. This degree is different from the typical Ph.D. in nursing, but it is no less important or intensive; it merely focuses more on the practice of nursing in real life and how administrative and global changes can improve the service and treatment that patients receive. Read More …

Gun Safety And The Role Of Online Instruction For Remote Firearms Safety Training

10 February 2020
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Weapons safety training is a vital component to using a firearm responsibly. Without training, you don't have the skill or the awareness you need to handle any type of firearm, regardless of how confident you are. In order to obtain a firearms license, you will need to go through training set by regulations in your state. Whether you need firearms safety training for work, to obtain a firearms license, or to learn more about firearms safety for your own educational purposes, the right training can often be accomplished through a remote course where you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home. Read More …